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The Development Phase

Developing a distinctive senior policy

Develop your company’s senior policy based on the results from the mapping and analysis processes. Formulate goals that set forth what you wish to achieve with your senior policy. Determine which measures at the company level and options at the individual level will correspond to the company’s challenges and help it meet its goals. Prioritize what you want to start with first. Choosing measures

Choosing measures

Examples of good measures cannot simply be transferred from one company to another. Choices about whether to take early retirement or continue working are based on a combination of factors that vary from person to person, and from industry to industry. Some senior employees have a need for lighter job duties, while others seek more challenges, and others may need incentives to continue working. Based on the mapping that it has carried out, each company must put together a package of measures and offered options that corresponds to its own particular challenges.

There is much evidence that providing benefits to senior employees without having to carry out simultaneously development measures at the company level not has effect. Companies that succeed in their senior policy efforts have managements that commit to senior policy measures at the company level, offer senior policy-based options to their individual employees, and exhibit active leadership. 

Examples of measures at the company level

Examples of options offered at the individual level

Document the senior policy

It is important that your senior policy be documented in writing and incorporated as a part of your regular HR policy.

It is natural to add certain parts of the senior policy, such as provisions regarding milestone interviews, into the company’s HR policy document. Other elements of the senior policy should be incorporated in the company’s strategic document, such as strategic measures with regard to recruiting.

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