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The Execution Phase

Once the senior policy has been documented and incorporated into the company's planning and strategy documents, everyone in the company must be informed as to what it will mean for the company, and for each individual. Natural occasions to do this may include meetings of the management team, general meetings and department meetings. A separate informational meeting with the senior employees is also recommended.

The senior policy is executed by following up the company-level measures and offered individual-level options to which you have agreed to commit. Managers at all levels bear a special responsibility for this.

Senior perspectives in management


To ensure that the senior policy functions as intended, it is important to follow up and evaluate how it works both on an ongoing basis in everyday life and through special evaluations.
  • How is the senior policy being practiced?
  • How are the various measures being implemented?
  • How are the various offered options being put to use?
  • Have the employees and managers been asked about their experiences and perceptions?
  • Are any measures or options missing?
  • Is there a need to conduct a new mapping and analysis process?

Systems must be developed to follow up and obtain feedback about prevailing practice.
In cases where there are quantitative goals, there must be procedures for reporting.

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