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How to develop a Senior Policy?

Developing a company’s senior policy involves a process of both awareness raising and development. We recommend that the development work be carried out in five phases:

See the five phases here (PDF)

Ideally the five phases will be implemented in the order suggested. If a development process has already been initiated and parts of the phases have already been implemented, this description can be used as a checklist to ensure that the necessary steps have been planned or carried out.

Senior policy also deals with attitude. Negative myths and stereotypes about seniors still persist. In the development process it is important to counter such attitudes with knowledge, reflection and discussion. We recommend that everyone in the company shall be given opportunities for such reflection and discussion. This is particularly important for those who are going to be involved in the concrete development work, but it is also important as a means of embedding the development process and creating a good foundation for the new senior policy.

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