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The Preparation Phase

Planning the development work

At the beginning of the process there are factors that are important to consider. It´s important to decide who should participate in the prosess, and to ensure that the development work is embedded and understood within the company.

Who should take part?

To ensure a successful venture, it is important that both employer and employees understands, support and participate in the senior policy work. Managers at every level of the company should be involved, along with representatives from the HR department, union representative and representatives for the seniors in the company. It is important to include these representatives right from the start, i.e. in the preparation phase.


Senior policy is a long term awareness raising and development work. To establish a common professional platform, raise awareness and provide security to those who are going to be involved in the development work, we recommend to discuss relevant topics such as:

  • what is it like to be an older worker
  • experience and skills
  • ageing and work
  • the ability to learn and readjustment

It is important for the continued process that the senior policy development work be well and clearly anchored among the top and middle management and the union representative.

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