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Useful questions

Skills development

As a union representative, it is important for you to set requirements regarding the company’s skills development program. Does the company have a strategy for developing skills? Is that strategy age-neutral? Is it evident that both young and older people are included? Does the company let anyone “get out of” participating in skills development? Older workers learn as much as younger ones, but they often learn things in different ways. The ways in which the information is presented and the methods used in the instruction are decisive for the learning results. Have the skills development measures been structured so as to account for different ways of learning?

Restructuring and changes

Competence enhancement is often necessary in connection with restructuring and changes. Has it been ensured that everyone is being offered such competence enhancement, regardless of age? Is age being used as an argument in determining who must leave in connection with downsizing? Are those employees who may have to leave being offered guidance in choosing a new career? Are they receiving financial support in connection with such choices? Are these offers being made regardless of age?
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