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Why Senior Policy?

For society

The proportion of the population that is of working age is decreasing. It has also been predicted that the labour market is going to experience a shortage of labour and competence. This will create challenges in terms of maintaining value added and positive welfare growth. Making better use of the resources of seniors in the workplace could be one of the answers to these challenges.

For the company

A labour shortage will make it more difficult to recruit qualified workers. As a result, in the future it will become even more important for companies to keep their employees. In the short term, an undersupply of workers could lead to greater pressure and more stress for employees. In the long term, this could impact a company's ability to produce and deliver in the desired manner. Having a good senior policy can help the individual company combat this trend. A successful senior policy can help to create a better work environment, something that benefits everyone, both the company and all its employees.

For the individual

The workplace is an important arena for professional and personal growth. A good senior policy helps to ensure that each individual is noticed, followed up and challenged, including late in their career. This can lead the individual to achieve greater mastery of their job duties, and enjoyment of their work.

Skills development is an important part of senior policy, and the goal should be to include senior employees in the company's development plans and competence policy to a greater extent. In many cases, acquiring new knowledge and skills can extend careers. Senior policy is focused on expanding the choices available to and flexibility of the individual. A good senior policy will improve the chances that an older employee will choose to continue working.

Everyone stops working sooner or later. Some people may have good reason to retire before the age of 67; failing health is one important reason why some people take early retirement. But just as it is necessary for some to quit, for others it is important to keep working, and also the right thing to do.

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